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Busy at work…

Been quite occupied in the office lately. Don’t have too much time to spend updating the website (what I feared initially).
What has been happening lately? Gave away the UMTS phone already to colleagues to play with. First 2 person used it only for 1 week before passing it to the next and the last 2 only used it for 2 days each. There’s just not enough new content on the network, and the screen and typing method makes it quite awkward for browsing the internet.

Still waiting to buy the Nikon D70. Don’t really need it today, willing to wait till the end of the year before buying it. Seen some sample shots using the Nikon D100 and if the CCD system is about the same I’m already impressed. Next thing to think about it the lens system. Nikon DX lens only come in a 17-85mm (roughly) for the time being, and while I dont think I want to get rid of all my Nikon lenses and upgrade to a DX lens, I might have to at least buy one to see if there’s any improvements.

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