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New Laundry Dryer

Got my new Fisher & Paykel dryer installed today. Its the ED56 which does the sensing for you. According to the manual the dryer is supposed to sense that your laundry is as dry as the setting you selected before it stops.
So far I’ve tried it twice already (just got it installed this morning!) and both times when I got the clothes out of the dryer with the “medium” setting its dry enough to be folded and placed in the wardrobe. First time was with t-shirts and second cycle was with office wear.

Got it installed on top my Fisher & Paykel Intuitive top loader washing machine (IW712 I think) with the dryer turned up side down. This is possible by replacing the front panel with an inverted version which happens to come with the dryer (its just a sticker. You rip out the old one and stick on the inverted version.). Kinda save some space compared to having it placed along side the washing machine.

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