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Old man’s toys

I’m feeling a little old already. Usually when I talk about anything to do with gadgets it used to be PDAs, new watches that can do anything, computers, digital this and digital that but my latest gadget is a dryer. Ok this one is a necessity since it rains almost every afternoon here in Kuala Lumpur in the last few weeks and we get all those nasty traffic jams all over the place (takes almost twice the time to get home in the evening), but most of all, the laundry doesn’t seem to dry at all.
So that’s the problem, and to solve it I went out to look for the most advanced dryer this side of the planet. Fisher & Paykel makes some of the most dummy proof white appliances you can find. That’s what I think anyway. The washing machine I have allows you to just dump in the load, and choose how dirty it is and then just start the washing. Everything else is sensor driven. How much water? How much agitation? How long to wash?

Same for the dryer, put in your wet clothes, select how dry you want it to be and just press start.

Ok, occasionally the washing machine goes crazy (like the time when it just says that there’s no water coming thru althought the tap is running) but once you turn it off and on again its ok.

Sometimes you wonder where all those simple machines are. I dont want to set the time on the dryer. IF I do I’ll be compelled to return to the dryer every minute to make sure that the clothes are not burning. Having the machine think for me while I press that magic button is sometimes what I ask for. Not that difficult is it?

But for some items I still prefer to have full control. Those gadgets that sticks to you all the time, like a Digital Camera, PDA, etc. Appliances and all toys for old men need to be simple becuase you dont want to spend too much time with them. Fridge, washing machine, dryers, oven, lights, door bells, alarms…

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