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Car batteries and dumb electronics

Had my 2 year old car stalled on me this morning. Couldn’t start it early in the morning and realised quickly the battery is a goner. Got it changed 1 hour later and guess what? Now everytime I let go of the accelerator, the RPM goes all the way down to zero. Suddenly driving a car requires skills to keep the RPM above 1000… if it drops below that, chances are the car will stall again.
At that time I was already 1 hour late for work and had to try and drive the car to my mechanic and avoiding any traffic jams along the way (encountered 2, by the way). Later on the mechanic told me that while changing the battery in the car, the terminals was not connected to any power source for too long (like 1 minute).

Apparently what happened was… when the new battery was connected, the stabilizer electronics that was supposed to regulate the RPM level and keep it above 700rpm during idle lost all its memory, sort of like a RAM they’re using. So we had to rev the car continuously for at least 30mins before the whole thing stabilized at the right RPM again…

Got to work that day around lunch time (3 hours late) and lesson learnt… change your car batteries every year and a half….

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