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Arrggghh! No more listening to iPod in my car!!!

What a day. I’ve been using my iPod in the car almost every day for the past 1 year and just yesterday the cassette deck stopped working. Its autoreversing all the time, and I know its not the adapter becuase it worked on other cars! I’ve been using the cassette to the iPod headphone jack connection method all these time. Short of a line-in connection (which I dont have on my headunit) the only other way I can think of is to use an iTrip (or similar) from Griffin Technology, but I borrowed one and the quality is not that good. Sounds just like that FM station minus the adverts.
What I’m thinking of doing now is to bring the car into the workshop one of these days and get the cassette mechanism worked on. My feeling is the audio technician will say that its cheaper to replace a new one rather than, say replace a loose rubber bushing or whatever. I think I’ve got to start looking for a new in-car headunit that supports line-in to something like the iPod.

In the meantime I’ll be driving around without my 10Gb of music, wonder how long I can last in this total silence….

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