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4 more days to go to the Paris 20km race

This will be my first race ever. Not planning to outrun the kenyans of course, but just to finish in time to get a medal at least. Been trying to do my taper, but seriously, I think tapering for a race is useless for amateurs like me. Its more like the time to make things difficult for the body (done that last weekend with runs on sat and sun) and then resting before the race on this coming Sunday.
So on friday right after work I will have to go to the base of the Eiffel tower to retrieve all the freebies and the bib+championchip… I guess thats the thing you put on your foot to measure the time electronically, never used it before but should be RFID based I guess. Wonder if it will interfere with my Polar S1 footpod which I plan to wear during the race itself. Will put on some extra rubberband on the footpod so that it doesn’t come loose when running and when my foot gets stepped by fellow 10,000 runners.

Excited, yes. If 20km is easy enough I might join the Boulogne-Billancourt half marathon the week after as well. more free t-shirt!

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