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Replenishing fixers and new developer.

Ran out of fixer this morning for my black & white development and had to skip half day of work (partly to go to the doctors) to go to this shop in the 9th to pick up the new bottle of Ilford Rapid Fix. Thought that they had some photoflo wetting agent as well but it comes in 1L bottles or larger. Since most people recommended just a few drops, 1L is just too much. Will expire before I run out of solution. Finally got the following:
1L Ilford Rapid Fixer: 8.80€
1L Kodak HC110 Developer: 21.60€

All prices without tax. I dont know what it is but its 19.6% and added right at the end of the invoice. Bought the HC110 to fool around for my Ilford films. Just want to see if the grain can be reduced compared to Rodinal. Overall, I thought that the HC110 is quite expensive. DOn’t remember how much I paid for my last bottle of Rapid Fixer in Singapore but I dont think its expensive at all. Maybe even 30% cheaper. But got 6 rolls of film waiting to be developed and can’t wait for the trip back to Asia.

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