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More Taipei Night Market


Subject of the current trip is to visit the largest night market in Taipei. And usually what that means is narrow corridors with tons of people squeezed into impossible-to-move spaces. And for that the Shihlin market does not disappoint. I cannot recall if the size of this market is bigger than the Longhua market that I went to during my last visit, but surely this beats any market in terms of impossibility of moving.


The layout is the same as most asian markets. During the day you have normal shops, and when the evening comes, stalls spring up on the road and sidewalks and the customers walk on the road. By now the shops would have been concealed unless you know which and where to go.


Most of the stalls here are food stalls. Taiwanese sausages, pork knuckles, noodles, chicken feet, smelly tofu, all can be found here. No snake as far as I could see. Occassionally there would be some clothing stall, but its mostly food and more food. Can’t help but try some. Had a portion of sliced sausage to go with fresh garlic, and downed with iced cane juice. Rather expensive at a total of 140NT$ for both! Roughly 50/50 for the two!


In the middle of the market is a temple. I’ve not found the name of this temple yet but its also surrounded by stalls so when you get into the stream of people you dont have too much room to stop and look. You just keep on moving.


Around the place there are also a lot of people, if not because of surrounding markets, I’m guessing its because of people commuting to Shihlin market. The whole place is full of people for sure.


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