Shaanxi Province: Day 3 (25 Dec)


The master plan today is to get to Huashan and spend the night there. Yes I did left my torch light in Shanghai, but mobile phones nowadays should be bright enough to shine my way thru. Changed to a day pack with an extra change of t-shirt, socks and underwear of course. Brought 2 packs of instant noodles just in case, other that taking some space it weighs next to nothing.


0910hrs: Inside bus to Huashan.

There was only 1 bus this morning, door was closing, I was rushing to get in, hence have no idea what bus number this is. However on the right of the train station (when facing station) there is a rather large sign where the buses are parked, so can’t miss it. Figured on a 2hr trip to the bottom of the mountain, then hot lunch and then a couple of hours slog up the mountain.



1102hrs: Huashan Village
The bus seems to stop over in front of a restaurant. Theres no way I could have remembered the name of the place so thank xmas for my GPS. Got the coordinates alright. Could see the imposing peaks in front of me when getting out of the bus. But first its time for a bowl of hot noodle soup and eggplant. There are some tourists but very sparse. Goody goody, the whole mountain all to myself!



1301hrs: Huashan mountain Second Stop
There are roughly 1 stop every km or so up this mountain. Although its pretty cold I’m sure, I’m heating up in my 3 layer kit. T-shirt, long sleeved shirt should be enough once you heat up. Have been hiking for an hour already, and resting on a large granite rock in a granite valley. Landscape here looks just like the ones in chinese drawings, bare rocks sparsely populated with bare trees (which i suppose is because of winter). At the first stop had a snickers bar and hot water from my thermos. Funny to see squirrels running around in the gully. Ok time to move on, starting to be chilly now.


1915hrs: Wuyunfeng Hotel
Whoa! Its more strenuous than I originally thought. Some parts are sheer cliff face with steps cut into it. Stairs all the way to the top means there’s absolutely no way you can walk up continuously without break every couple of meters. Took me at least 5 hrs to get to the north peak and by the time – climbed some more to get to the hotel, its already dark! What a good timing. There’s nothing up here at night. This is off peak so there are only 2 rooms taken tonight. The cable car is not working so I have to go back the way I came today. There are at least 20 stalls on the way selling tea, redbull and instant noodles. Of course they sell coca cola as well. Oh man, never felt so tired before! I dont think I will be going any further tomorrow! Weather is foggy meaning you can really see too much far scenery. Watching CCTV news in my small room with localized heating. Waiting for my instant noodles to cook. Been a nice experience climbing this mountain. Very peaceful except for the ocassional loud chinese group. Will go have my dinner and then warm up. Dont look like theres hot water for a shower.


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