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Tractors in Muui-do, South Korea

First specimen was located close to the CU convenience store in the main town area. This one is a Daedong tractor. It has a logo that looks like it came from Star Trek. You know the arrow head that points up. It’s a faded red. A workhorse. This one has what looks like the key to the tractor tied to the left handle. Tempted but I didn’t take it for a joy ride.

 Specimen 1: Daedong Specimen 1: Daedong  Handlebars and control console Handlebars and control console

Second specimen was located parked next to a hut next to the dry pond where some boats are stranded. There is no model but it does look similar to the first to I supposed it’s also a Daedong. In fact I did see the brand on the front lights but this one surely didn’t have the Star Trek logo embellished everywhere like no. 1. I’m guessing this is before Daedong was confident about their brand.

 Specimen 2 Specimen 2

Third specimen was found on the way up the hill to the only hotel on the island. This one is a twin. Same model as the second. Daedongs all the way. I just noticed they all have this hook just behind the fuel cap. Guess they overhaul them often. Or airlifted. Who knows.

 Specimen 3: Twin Daedongs Specimen 3: Twin Daedongs

Fourth specimen was found at the main road close to 무의도 주민자치센터. This one is a Star Trek Daedong but the driver doesn’t seem to be too careful as seen on the locked up snout. But hey, they all have he same colour so far. Utilitarian machines don’t come with choices perhaps.

 Specimen 4: Beat up snout Specimen 4: Beat up snout

Next one is not a tractor per se, but I included it because Daedong seems to make asphalt scrapper too.

 The asphalt scrapper The asphalt scrapper

Fifth specimen looks like the second and third but with a more recent lamp that’s more transparent and looks newer. Perhaps it’s an aftermarket replacement. I just like the small bumper in front. Or perhaps a protector for that starter motor.

 Specimen 5: Upgraded front lamp Daedong Specimen 5: Upgraded front lamp Daedong

Sixth one is under wraps. But can’t hide a Daedong from me. I didn’t lift the cover to check the colour. Any guess?

 Cached Daedong Cached Daedong

Seventh – nah. Ain’t no tractor below. Local people in Muui-do have been seen zipping around in these four wheel motor cycle with sand tires.


Here’s another four wheeler. No model or brand. I see a Moto and Big Bear.  And another one in the background if you can spot it.


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