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Flashed D70 yesterday

Moved my ass yesterday night and finally got to flashing the firmware on my Nikon D70. For some reason I dont quite know, the D70 has two firmwares, aptly called Firmware A and B. The only problem is, you have to copy firmware A v1.01 onto a blank CF card and after flashing, you format the CF card again and then proceed to repeat the whole process to flash firmware B v1.02.
Unlike some guys at the Nikonian forum, mine went on without a hitch, but not before being REALLY careful not to mess anything up. It wont be fun if I have to leave the camera at the repair centre for weeks while they sort out what I have done.

d70 updated.jpg

D70 At last!!!

Finally got my hands on the Nikon D70. Called up a shop yesterday evening and they have a bunch of them in stock so I just popped over, got a whole bunch of cash and came home with something new to fool around with.
The only unfortunate thing about it is that the price has increased 5% at that shop (much more expensive elsewhere I checked) from the last month I checked, and that was when there was no stock and you had to wait a week or two for the stock.

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