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Patagonia: El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina


Arriving in El Chalten: Cerro Torre and Fitzroy in the background


Fitzroy in the morning


Rio Blanco from the top of the moraine at Laguna de los Tres


On the trek up Laguna de los Tres


Hikers at the start of trail to Laguna Torre


Cerro Torre

31 December 2010
… Continued from the previous post. After Laguna Azul this morning, and a long drive around Lago Viedma later arrival at El Chalten was perhaps one of the best road trip I’ve been on. From far, the mountains I’ve seen in magazines and pictures start to appear slowly, and while the bus stops in many spots for us to take panoramas, it always seem to look better the closer you get to it. Normally there are not that much traffic on the road, but when the cars do appear they drive fast. Just before the descent into El Chalten there is a look-out point with a nice view that is spoilt by certain inconspicuous large buildings in the town.


Entering El Chalten Continue reading “Patagonia: El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina”