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Linksys Wireless B Router

Spending the weekend in Singapore and just went over to Funan Centre today to check out the price of the WiFi routers and you won’t believe it… the Linksys Wireless B with 4 port router is going for S$105 each! I’ve got 2 with me now, and I hope I didn’t buy all the stock because there was just 2 on the shelf.
Ok, they’re not both for me, but at that price, I’m thinking of putting up a second one at home with a different 802.11b channels so I can choose between 2 signals and 2 channels.

As of today, I dont get good signals once I have 2 walls between the computer and the Access Point.

Other prices are… Linksys Wireless G 4 port router going for S$148. The 802.11g Access Point is going for S$160+. And I’ve just heard from the shop guys that if you want to use an Access Point to repeat the signal you’ll have to hook up a Cat5 cable between your router and your AP! That’s crazy! I was under the impression that AP can just amplify the received signal (like repeaters in the Telecom world).

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