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D70 At last!!!

Finally got my hands on the Nikon D70. Called up a shop yesterday evening and they have a bunch of them in stock so I just popped over, got a whole bunch of cash and came home with something new to fool around with.
The only unfortunate thing about it is that the price has increased 5% at that shop (much more expensive elsewhere I checked) from the last month I checked, and that was when there was no stock and you had to wait a week or two for the stock.


Took about 40 pictures today already. None of them in RAW NEF format yet, becuase I’m still using 128Mb CF card. Left my higher capacity cards in the office. Can’t get to them till Monday unfortunately.

First impressions are the following:
– Build quality is quite good, for something made in Thailand. They don’s put “Made in XXXXX” on the body anymore, so I guess its all made there, not in Japan like the other higher end models.
– Images end up rather underexposed. IF you’re thinking of plugging this camera into a pictbridge printer and get a direct printout, you’ll probably be disappointed. (By the way, I dont have a pictbridge printer). However, when you enhance the photos on a PC using the included PictureProject software or Photoshop, you can get excellent results from it.
– First thing I tried out was the 3fps continuous shots… and it worked well! The LCD displays shows the predicted number of shots before the buffer is full as well, so you dont overshoot. Not sure that there’s any consequence though, 3fps is quite easy to count.

Well, got to get back to shooting…

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