Shuttle PC

Bought a Shuttle barebones system today to replace my old Pentium II 266MHz. The Shuttle system essentially comes with just the casing, motherboard, sound and video built in, all the networking you need (ok just gigabit ethernet) and a nice sexy casing.
So I compared a few shops over here in Kuala Lumpur’s Low Yat, and finally bought a Shuttle SB83G5 which is an Intel system with the 915G chipset (supports PCI Express, onboard video and the new (at the time of writing anyway) Socket 775 Pentium 4.

Since I don’t really use it other than for some picture editing and mostly internet, I went for 3GHz system with 512Mb single chunk of RAM (giving me some room to expand in the future) and a 160Gb Serial ATA HDD (which is much easier to install compared to the older IDE cables).


The installation took about 1 hour, and that’s becuase I had to do it slowly so that I dont break any cables or anything at all. Not that its delicate, but I dont want to go back to the shops and negotiate for a replacement.

Other than the complain that the front panel is a little loose (dont think its glued properly onto the chassis so it is not perfectly flat) the rest of the system works perfectly. The case looks like its made of brushed aluminium and the system makes use of its own internal cooling system so you dont have to use the chunky fan/heatsink that comes with the Intel Pentium 4 packaging.

I’ll use it for a few more months and then post any more complains here.