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Stocking up in Singapore…

Ahh, my favourite time of the year. Stocking up day! So for christmas this year this is what I managed to get during my end of year in Singapore:- 2 Bottles of 500mL Agfa Rodinal (surprised to be able to find it at all. After all Agfa Film is closing down. Wanted to get another few bottles of 125mL solution but since they probably don’t make it anymroe and the solution keeps for years, Idecided to go for 1L of it! Enough for at least 200 rolls of B&W films at my dilution)
– 5 Rolls of Ilford Pan F
– 10 Rolls of Ilford FP4+
– 20 Rolls of Kodak 400TX (Got it at a good price. and the expiry date is sometime at the end of 2007, so should be enough. Anyways, in France films costs a bomb)

All in all, a good outing but then again.. got to spend mroe time to put the films into use int he next 2 years. Hope in my next stocknig up session most of the stuff up there is still available! Its not an easy time to be shooting film nowadays.

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