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Felt F1X so far

I’ve had this cyclocross bicycle for what? 8-9 months so far? Logged well in excess of 1100km on it already, and done a major upgrade (mainly going from a flatbar into a road racing drop bar and Ultegra all over except the brakes). I still take it out to the road around Paris once a week on the weekend mostly. spends most of its time on the road.
What I still dont like about the setup that I have is that I have a road brake system coupled to a v-brake system. IF you check on the internet about this setup, in summary it’s not giving the kind of braking power I should have on a bicycle. One option I have is to change the brake calipers into something called the Empella Frogg Legs (depending on the website the spelling seems to be quite different, and since Empella doesn’t have a website that I know of, it doesn’t help). Froggleg uses a cantilever system that’s supposed to provide a better leveraging system to have a better gripping power on the bike. There’s a bunch of online shops that sells them (google for it) but only problem is that I’m not confident enough to replace the current Avid v-brakes with this canti style brakes.

Here’s to another 1000km…

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