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Restaurant: Le Relais du Chateau, Beaugency, France

As we returned to Paris at the end of a day trip to the Loire Valley region, we entered Beaugency (nice small town right in between Blois and Orleans) around dinner time 7:30pm. There were the usual pizza and French steak joints, but we decided to stop in a real French restaurant to see what the region had to offer.
After strolling around the riverfront for a while, we stumbled upon this small and interesting family-runned restaurant (at least it seems like that, since the people serving you looked like they’re different generations from the same family). The service is upper-lipped, looks like a posh restaurant, but the price is rather normal for Parisien standards, roughly 25Euro/person without wine for the set menu. The cheese was nice.

Restaurant was empty at 7:30pm for sure, but like any other French restaurant with just a single turnover per table the whole night, it gets filled by about 8:30pm. Stop there if you’re in the area. But I don’t think its worth your petrol to drive 2 hrs from Paris.

Le Relais du Chateau

47.77775N 1.63448E

Le Relais du Chateau
8 rue du Pont
45190 Beaugency


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