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Finally: Rambouillet!

If you remember, a few months back, I attempted to cycle from Paris to Rambouillet (50km away) but my wheel spoke broke just a few km shy of destination. Here’s a link to Google Maps for a rough idea of the route.
So this weekend, I decided to try it one more time on my new wheels and managed to do the whole thing in 4hr 30mins. The odometer on my Polar says 95km to and fro. Average temperature was about 10C. I brought 2 bottles of water (one of them insulated, the other turned into ice water after a few minutes out there) and a banana for the celebratory food once I reached Rambouillet.

Nothing broke this time. When I passed the exact location where my spokes broke I had this feeling that something bad would happened so I slowed down somewhat. But at the end it was all fine. Did my goal now, although the return trip was quite punishing since I had 2 large hills to climb with a sore leg.

I doubt I’ll do it again before leaving France! The next cycle trips will be much shorter for me.

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