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Another transit in Singapore

Just finished spending 2 weeks in Kuching. Now back thru Singapore Changi Airport on the way back to Shanghai. Spent the time doing daytrips into jungles, and doing orchid shots around the house. Came back with a lot of gear, tripods, selections of lenses, on-shoe flash, R1C1 flash system and took close to 500 pictures, maybe 600. Will need to go thru them back in Shanghai to sort out the shots. Found my sweetspot on the flower shots. I tend to like to keep the background darker and the flowers with enough lighting (typically -1.7EV but depending on the colour of course). Found that to have that dark background effect, I need to set the camera on center weighted exposure (since most flowers are on the focus point), the camera dialed with -2EV compensation to get the dark background, but not really black, and the SU800 on about -0.3 or 0EV to expose the flowers in brighter light than the background. The 70-180mm Micro lens was ideal for flower shoots. Even brought it with me into the jungle. But in the jungle I had to move swift, so it was D2H, 70-180 and an SB800 flash. In the garden around the house it was D2H, 70-180, R1C1 and on a Gitzo tripod. Tripod is necessary, since a flower shot will require at least f16 all the way to f32 on the micro lens to get enough of the flowers sharp enough. Anyway, I’ll post the pictures and some essay if I remember after going thru the photos. Also took 3 rolls of b&w film on the FM2 during the trip. Been fun. Posts will come later….

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