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400TX Swimming in HC110 Solution B

What a scientific title this time! For the lay person, I had a bottle of Kodak HC110 photo developer sitting in my storage box for the last 1 year, bought it while I was in Paris in 2006, and this time I thought I’ll try it out on 2 rolls of Tri-X (400TX) film that was taken in the last 1 month.  HC110 is one viscous fluid… reminds me of concentrated cough syrup that looks like beer in colour. Doesn’t smell that bad, actually I didn’t notice any smell at all. You first do a 1:3 ratio from the concentrate syrup into what they call the stock solution. I store 1 litre of it in a mineral water bottle. Then from there, you mix to generate the  working solution. For this case I use solution B (1:7 ratio with water) and used it on the 2 rolls.

Result from this was a slightly less sharply defined edges compared to Rodinal, but the dynamic range seems to be a little more than what I would get with Rodinal.



First roll (pictures above) was taken in the jungle in Sarawak with a Nikon FM2,



Second roll (picture directly above) from Shanghai Railway Station just 2 weekends ago with an M6 and 35mm Summicron.

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