Morning at Tsukiji


Waking up early this morning for my obligatory fish breakfast at Tsukiji. Its at 7am this morning. Could wake up earlier like a typical tourist, but you get the same thing later in the morning since its not possible to watch the tuna auction anymore. The first problem is getting there. Staying at the Sheraton Miyako this time, it involves taking a metro over on the Mita line and then changing to the Hibiya line to get to Tsukiji station.



Its just past 8am and I have already had my negitoro-magurodon. 700Yen was what it costed here. Now browsing the outlying shops, and I think I might get some Japanese porcelain for my cold soba and wasabi. Otherwise just going around the area with my M6 camera… A roll of Provia to burn.


And then its a stroll around the fish market proper, not so much of a stroll considering the little buzzing mighty car going around like pros, they are pros by the way and you just can’t go around listening to your ipod while at the market because you need your sense of sound to tell where they are coming from. Forget to look behind and there is one sneaking up on you. I think I have shot them to death so this trip will not have specific mighty car shots. The tuna there looks great. Some crabs and shell stuff but tuna aplenty. Unlike what we think, theres almost no salmon in sight, just preserved smoked salmon for the breakfast. Mostly tuna, and its good anyway. Bought some japanese porcelain for my japanese stuff back in Shanghai.



After the fish market, it might be good to walk over to the bridge overlooking the market from across the harbour. On the way, had to swap my film with a Neopan 400… That’s why its that cheap, forgot to check that I bought the 24 exposure roll instead of the usual 36. Anyway, my next trip here I will go back with a largish fish knife. I think I need one and I think its shartper than anything out there short of a samurai sword. And the next trip a long chopping board.



So its almost 10am now, and I am making my way back to the hotel to shower, pack up and check out of the hotel before I go out again to Yoyogi, Shinjuku and perhaps Ikebukuro. Its a little cloudy so lucky to have my neopan 400 with me along with a neopan 100 which I am testing. The hotel runs a shuttle service from Meguro JR station but it only starts at 1023hrs, before that its just from the hotel to the stations and no pickup.



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