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Tokyo, 8 June 2008

Its a strange day. Spent the afternoon in the office on a sunday, and in the evening over to check out photo shops in Ginza. At that time heard news of fatal stabbings at Akihabara district, luckily a place I do not venture to most of the trips I make to Tokyo. Some guy, disgruntled with life, decided to mow down pedestrians and stab everyone he sees.
I’m waiting for a 11pm meeting at Strings Intercontinental Hotel here in Shinagawa JR Station. Having a latte at Dean & Deluca’s at the station. Tokyo is still a safe place. Next to me a girl left her handbag on the long bar while walking off to buy her coffee. Was hoping to look for a wifi spot here but all the points, and there are about 10 visible SSIDs here, are locked. The guy to my right is surfing on his e-mobile data card, presumably HSDPA connection.

Its nice sitting here at 10pm on a Sunday night sipping latte and listening to the start of part 3 of Audible’s version of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace…

Some pictures from today…




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