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Sydney, Australia in February


Been 5 to 7 years at least since I’ve been here in Sydney. Will be bringing along the a&a bag after proving itself very agile and capable in Macau. Inside will be my Garmin eTrex Vista loaded with Australasian World Map and fresh set of batteries. Ricoh GR Digital with 21mm adapter will be coming along as well, joined by the Leica M6, my favourite 35 ‘Cron and 50mm Summarit with the sexy XOONS hood. Will be shooting with a combination of Pan F+ as I expect fine weather, and Kodak 160VC and Tri-X to impart some grain if i need to. Not too sure I will use them all, don’t think Sydney is a black & white area. Will probably be using more colour film than b&w. Highlight would be my first flight on the A380 to Sydney.


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