Sydney, Australia in February


Been 5 to 7 years at least since I’ve been here in Sydney. Will be bringing along the a&a bag after proving itself very agile and capable in Macau. Inside will be my Garmin eTrex Vista loaded with Australasian World Map and fresh set of batteries. Ricoh GR Digital with 21mm adapter will be coming along as well, joined by the Leica M6, my favourite 35 ‘Cron and 50mm Summarit with the sexy XOONS hood. Will be shooting with a combination of Pan F+ as I expect fine weather, and Kodak 160VC and Tri-X to impart some grain if i need to. Not too sure I will use them all, don’t think Sydney is a black & white area. Will probably be using more colour film than b&w. Highlight would be my first flight on the A380 to Sydney.


18 Feb:
The A380 flight was just that. A flight. The takeoff was relatively quiet, and the interior looks different, but otherwise, pretty similar flight with seemingly same space, at least in economy class. The video system is new, but it can be found on SQ’s new 777s as well, so nothing very new. The light dimmers were quite nice, it dims slowly into darkness. I need one for the home! I’m not sure but I think there’s a little more humidity in the A380. On most flights, you arrive dried as a prune but not this one.


19 Feb:
Had a short run this morning around darling harbour before the sun came up. Actually the sun came up late because cloudy day, not that I started early. While typing this, I’m sitting in Starbux having my morning mocha and a lentil pie while taking my time to get to work. From my hotel at Darling Harbour, will need to cross the harbour to take the light rail to Central and then 1 stop to Green Square on the train.

20 Feb:
Strange to find a Malaysian mamak restaurant here in Sydney but its here. No, no indians making roti canai, but chinese Malaysians. Close to KL but still a little off.

Nice sunny day today. Typing this while waiting at Museum train station for the train to Green Square, where the office is. Wish I did pack some short sleeve shirts but all I had were long sleeve spring shirts, Shanghai of course coming to Spring soon. Could be a nice day for photoshoots today, nice for older less contrasty lenses as the bright sunlight means that there will be scenes with a lot of overblown highlights or underexposed shadows. This Museum station reminds me of the Musee du Louvre metro stop in Paris. The artifacts are missing, but theres a oldish feel to the station.

21 Feb:
Not sure if I can generalize, but I am already getting into the oz groove. Its thursday, working day 1030 am and I’m just about to board the train to work. Sunny days don’t make me desperate to get to work early. Had breakfast made up of bacon and egg roll and long black coffee. Toasted
roll. Then a short walk through that QVB shopping mall to town hall where the train station is.


23 Feb:
Started the day rather early, for local standards I guess. The streets were deserted till I reached Circular Quay. Took a walk to whats probably Mrs MacQuarie point (sorry no tourist guide) only to find a large bunch of Shanghainese and Korean tour group with their usual poses and camera shot position. A little too lazy this morning or else I woulda try to take a Bresson-esque picture with the M6. Unfortunately I had a roll of Provia in there.


So, now on the way to Manly, been sometime I was there. Slow ferry there cost 12.60 return. Probably will look for the weekend market there and if I struck the lottery I’ll end up with a Nikon SP for the price of lunch.

Having me lunch at a seafood place at Manly. They’ve got Ian Pooley on the audio system. Grilled fish & chips. Never tried it that way before and its actually not too bad, probably because the fish is fresh. Anyways, longing for my Velvia 50, brought a roll of Provia 100F and already gone thru it and now running on 160VC Kodak. After that I will havbe to switch to my black and whites as I need to keep a roll of 160VC for tomorrow’s drive with Bui.


Looking for dinner after a short afternoon nap. Body heating up after half a day out in the sun in sydney. Last thing I did was to walk across the Harbour Bridge, but not to climb it. Hot hot sunny day today. Shops all closed now at 7pm. Too bad. Was thinking of maybe contributing to the economy.


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