Tokyo: 8 March 2008

This trip is supposed to be different, putting work aside. But still find myself going to Tsukiji fish market in the morning for breakfast. Same old routine for the last one year here. But this time I have my Tri-X film. Hmmm. Ok will make the most of it. But very determined to do something different for the rest of the weekend. But the next stop will be a visit to Fujiya Camera at Nakano JR stop. Same old routine again. I’m out or creative ideas. No tourist spots for me for sure.
So this time its tuna and minced tuna with the rice for 1000 yen. Nice way to start the day. And after that its half an hour strolling with the leica and a roll of film. Too bad ran out of battery for metering so had to do a premeter with the ricoh gr digital and locked in the exposure at f5.6 and 1/125s for the most common scenes. Compensate plus or minus up to 2 stops depending on whether I shooting into a shop or on the street in the morning sun.

Currently in the JR Chuo Rapid line going from Tokyo station cutting right across Tokyo city towards Shinjuku and finally to Nakano. Fujiya!!

I met the devil today. The old @#%$ is disguised as a guy called Trevor. He tempted and I walked away from Nakano with a Fujifilm GA645i MF camera. Has a fixed lens but a good introduction to medium format. And with that damage done, its time to go for a little test. On the Keio line now bound for Takaosanguchi to climb Takaosan. Its a bright and sunny day today, and if I get lucky today the new GA645i will see plenty of velvia50 action. And in the tiny bag that I have, sporting a digital point and shoot camera, a rangefinder 35mm and now a 120 format RF.

From Takaosanguchi, walk a little and you come to the cable car station. Since I dont like the easy way up, then its time for a long hike up the mountain. Its just 3.3km up via path number 6, which is the shortest one at least on the map. The path starts wide, then its just a jungle path with roots to avoid. Large roots. And it goes along a stream up the mountain. Takes 1hr to get up, and its full of largish pine trees and what looks like really old trees. At the top of the mountain theres a nice view of Tokyo. Too bad its a little hazy but its still tokyo. Didn’t get to see Shinjuku and the twin towers. Took path number 1 down the mountain. And thats basically a road where cars actually drive up the mount. Some parts are rather steep but coming downhill its not really that bad. Took a few pictures on the medium format including one shot with the cap still on!

Going back to Shinjuku station for dinner and in a Keio local line. Thinking of taking it to Kitano station and switch onto an express or quicker express train so I don’t get to stop in every single station from here to infinity. At least the express skips 5 stations for every  stop.

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