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Buying Tennis Racquets in Hong Kong

It has been some time since I posted something on this website. Not because I have nothing to post, but two main reasons, first is because this ISP I have right now has a range of IP address that’s blocked in China by the great firewall, and second just didn’t find the time to type the posts out and posting it when I get the chance to.
Ok, back to the topic at hand. I’ve been starting to get back into tennis again, and while my old Wilson Pro Staff Kevlar and Pro Staff 6.1 still works fine, I think it is time to get something new.

So during this trip to Hong Kong, I looked up a couple of shops around the Causeway Bay area, and decided to check them out. Everyone knows Roger Federer uses the Wilson [K]Factor Six One Tour 90. Nicely it’s also the only racquet today that resembles the Pro Staff Kevlar but with the modern look, and I’m sure the feel is a little more modern as well, whatever that means. Price was great at 1230HKD, so how can I refuse?

So as of writing, I have placed a deposit to purchase 2, and obviously the strings are separate. Will be mixing Technifibre NRG2 and Head Ultra Tour, both 16 gauge strings in a cross configuration. Tension is my usual 60lbs.

The address of the shop is:
Master Gear
1301 Richmond Plaza (yes 13th floor)
496 Jaffe Road
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3428 5002

And they don’t take credit card. But the guys there are friendly, and they seem to know what they’re talking. That’s good enough for me!

Travels: Sichuan Province Part 3, Danba Town, China

Chillis left out to dry at Jiuju Village, Danba
More corn pictures, sorry...

Based on time killer recommendations from Joy from Sim’s Cozy over at Chengdu, I will make a one day stop over at Danba as the only way to get back to Chengdu from Rilong is to go through Xiaojing and Danba. It helps too that there are 2 daily buses (0630 and 0700) from Danba.

Ancient watch tower up close, Zhonglu village

Danba seems to be famous for two things. Everyone says the girls there are beautiful. Even best in china, but I have heard of that before in Suzhou. And as expected its because of the climate that gives them a nice complexion. And everyone here also says that the good looking ones are in Chengdu. Danba is also popular for the couple of tibetan villages around the town. Danba lies at the confluence of rivers, and in a deep valley. Some of the scenic villages are perched high on top of steep mountains. 14 November 2008, Rilong to Danba: It was a 0700 pickup by the same Mr Zhang that brought me to Rilong from Xiaojing. We arranged a trip to Danba for 300 RMB, about 150 km away and a day trip to 3 villages around Danba for an extra 100 RMB. Plus the 150 RMB I owed him from last sunday. While I know the driver normally runs a mien bao car (private hire vans that pick up anyone anywhere between set destinations), I allowed him to pick up 2 ladies to drop near Xiaojing. With the 17 RMB we made, he brought me to the best beef noodle place in Xiaojing. From what I can see, salt, soya sauce, plenty of hand pulled noodles, mountain cow beef, bamboo shoots, coriander and plenty of chilli and you have a serious bowl of best noodles I have tasted in china so far. I have seen many mountain cows in Siguniang and its the first time I have tasted it.

Mountain road on the way to one of the mountain top villages around Danba

After a heavy bowl of beef noodles in Xiaojing it’s time to continue to Danba. I will visit the villages first before buying bus ticket and finding a place to stay in Danba.

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