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Digital SLR

Went window shopping this weekend in Singapore comparing the Nikon D100, the Canon EOS10D and somehow, the soon-to-be-released D70. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of used digital SLRs on the market in singapore, checked out all the shops in Peninsular Plaza yesterday.
Am waiting for the D70 to be revealed in March to finalize my decision. The D100 seems to be on the top of my shortlist today, and closely trailed by the Canon 10D. What I would be looking out for in the D70 when it is released will be the construction of the body and the general set of features compared to the D100 (i.e what is taken out). The Canon EOS300D is not on my list because its made of plastics and not magnesium.

By the way, it seems that the price of the Nikon D100 seems to be cheaper in Kuala Lumpur than in Singapore. Will wait a month or two before deciding on which to buy, if any at all. Been waiting to migrate to digital SLRs for almost 8 years already, hope its the year in 2004.

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