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Introduction of new stable look & feel

Worked on the new look and feel for the whole website and managed to upload at least the index page and the gallery front page. Will be working on the rest as the time goes by, knowing that I will start work this thursday after a long break.
The idea of the new design is to make it easy on the eye and the introduction of a nav bar at the bottom of the page. I decided not to put one on the top of the page to keep it simple.

20040203 nangka org screenshot.gif

Lets say that it was not easy to translate the design into the gallery page. And once I got the front page in the gallery section to be in the right format, I realised that the albums and slideshow pages cannot have the same fixed width design as the index page, so I’ve got to make one that at least adapt to all the different widths that can appear.

Work in progress…

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