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Morning at the Hippodrome Longchamps

Nice sunny day today in Paris. After 2 slices of bread with peanut butter, its out on the bike for a couple of rounds at the nearby race course. Like the other parisiens, the place was packed with families and cyclists (and also joggers). The cyclists go clockwise, and before long I was already in a 20 strong peloton, and to grow to a bigger group. There were so many people this morning that it was not too easy to  be left alone fighting the wind. Luckily most of the peloton was going at a normal speed (average 30kmph, and up to 40kmph on the level ground) so it was not too bad. The road was a little wet from an oblivious rain sometime last night so if I start to draft a mountain bike I get road juice all over my face.
But nice though, 1hr out there and I covered 35km, which should be about 6-7 turns of the course.

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