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Vol AF112 Paris to Shanghai

This is my first long haul flight during my time working in France. First thing I noticed is that there’s a check in queue when I arrived at Charles de Gaulle 2C. So far, within europe I could do an electronic checking on one of the kiosks, but international I have to queue up like everyone else. Then I overweighted the luggage. The usual economy flight limit is 20kg, but most airlines give a little extra before charging excess luggage. Singapore Airlines’ limit is 30kg. But Air France is only 22kg! I had to try and bring some items to Shanghai first before my next trip for good, so I had at least 26kg in the luggage.
No problem, small issue. Then when boarding the flight I had to take the bus, and it seems that in the last 2-3 trips out of France I’ve been using the bus and not the aerobridge directly. I think the Parisien airports are too small.

Once the Boeing 777 took off, I realised that my touchscreen LCD doesn’t work at all. Out of all the buttons that shows up one the screen (3×3 matrix) only the bottom right works, and on Air France its the button for “info” that has no information at all. So during the whole flight I had nothing to watch on the screen. Worse, the flight seems to be filled with very young chinese babies and their mothers, and they cry all the way from Paris to Shanghai.

In summary, I’ve had 2 out of the worst flights I’ve had ever in the last few months. The one to London before christmas included strikes by airport bus drivers and a heavy fog delaying all flights.

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