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Travels: Dom Perignon’s Church, Hautvilliers, France

I think the title to this post is a little misleading. The church is not really called that. Have no idea what its called!
Anyway, the story here is that we were driving around the Champagne region in January 2007, and just outside Epernay, we stumbled across a rather nice looking village on a high ground, hence called hautevilliers, I suppose. Without a guide book and on the wrong road (we were supposed to be on the road to Reims) we came across a little church, that’s rather empty. We saw some German tourists outside, and thought maybe we’d take a break. When we went inside the empty church that has some monastic background music playing, we say a sign in French pointing in the direction of Dom Perignon’s grave, which is just in front of the altar. Dom Perignon is the monk everyone thinks invented the Champagne drink. The village is surrounded by vineyards. Can’t tell what they are, but I suppose all 3 type of grapes (Pinot Noir, Pinot Muniere, Chardonnay) are grown there.

Its not everyday that you get lost with a GPS and stumbled on an important place!

The church is here

49.08243N 3.94096E

Hautvilliers, Champagne Region


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