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New Gallery

I’m giving up on the hack to Movable Type to turn it into a photo gallery. Replaced it with something a little more elegant called Gallery which I got working already on the web. Will stop the design here and work on the whole website instead. When I have more time I will go back to the Gallery to make it look like the rest of the sit.
Kept the previous Gallery hack to MT on the site and planning to work on it later on. maybe sometime in the future I’ll move back into a full MT powered site!

More Progress on Photo Gallery Setup

Managed to get the photo gallery engine to work. Will have a long day ahead tomorrow while I have to start designing the web page to display using the format that I want.
Still don’t know how to group the photo catalog according to categories instead of date (which is not that useful is it?) so that it looks more like a gallery than something that’s obviously a weblog being used as a photo gallery.

Ah well, lets see what tomorrow brings.

Customising MT and other add-ons

Sipping my cafe mocha in Mont Kiara working on the plugins for MT and thinking about how I can customize the page template so that it looks like what the rest of the webpage is going to look like.
Another thing I’m working on now is to get a photo gallery working with Movable Type. There seems to be a lot of ways to get it to work and I’m checking out this site but the instructions there seems to be quite difficult to follow. Probably will spend the whole day looking at this.

Installed Movable Type

Got back from Singapore today and spent the whole afternoon installing Movable Type onto Seems to be working well. Tried a few other weblog publishing software but I think I’ll stick to MT for the time being. is not officially up yet. Got writers block while thinking of what to put on the website. Got a few hundred Mbs to play with and I really don’t know what to put on it. Now I have to think about how I can integrate MT into the whole website workflow…

Hungry…. think its time for dinner already… Will go have a nice big burger and think about it at the same time…