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Linksys Wireless B Router

Spending the weekend in Singapore and just went over to Funan Centre today to check out the price of the WiFi routers and you won’t believe it… the Linksys Wireless B with 4 port router is going for S$105 each! I’ve got 2 with me now, and I hope I didn’t buy all the stock because there was just 2 on the shelf. Continue reading “Linksys Wireless B Router”

Car problems

Been a bad week for my car. Last Thursday night the power window was jammed the window would not close all the way. When it happened it was something like 10pm already, so there’s no workshop anywhere that opens at that time, so I had to run the risk of parking my car with the window halfway down. Continue reading “Car problems”

Cheap Flight Tickets

Was in MidValley Megamall this weekend and bought a Malaysian Airlines ticket to New York for some ridiculously cheap prices. Now I’ve got something like 9 months of planning to do.

Webmail access from office

Dammit… first day at work and I realised that my office proxy blocks port 8087, meaning that I can’t access my new webmail that comes with this webhosting service. Someone suggested the freeware httport but it seems it doesn’t work either, need to have a server outside my company’s proxy that runs htthost.
Managed to get the webmail to work (sort of) by using mail2web and logging in using advanced mode. It works because mail2web uses normal HTTP port (8080?).

Last day

Of my holidays, that is. Have been on vacation/leave from work for the last 3 weeks and I’m due back in tomorrow. At least I’ve got the basic portion of this website up and running and learning how to code HTML, PHP and customizing Gallery and Movable Type at the same time. Continue reading “Last day”

Digital SLR

Went window shopping this weekend in Singapore comparing the Nikon D100, the Canon EOS10D and somehow, the soon-to-be-released D70. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of used digital SLRs on the market in singapore, checked out all the shops in Peninsular Plaza yesterday. Continue reading “Digital SLR”