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SB800 Flash

After realizing that my SB22 flash doesnt work with the D70 anymore with TTL functions, I went out to get the Nikon SB800 yesterday. Had the choice between the SB600 and SB800 and the SB800 was 50% more than the SB600. Managed to negotiate a 50/50 deal with the shop, where I pay 50% of the amount of the flash in cash and the rest with my credit card. That for the same price as cash price. Continue reading “SB800 Flash”

Lead-Acid Batteries

Sent in the car for servicing today, and other than the usual servicing routine, I made it known to the mechanic that sometimes the car just refuses to start. IT could be either the starter or the battery.
The battery in my car is not more than a few months old (had to call in AAM’s mobile mechanic to replace it when it didn’t start one work-day morning) so I suspected that it was the starter.

Guess what…. the story I hear is that the mobile mechanics usually carry stocks of the battery with them, in case someone like me call them up. What is suppose to happen is the acid + metal combination in the battery (lead-acid type… not sure about gel yet) has to be freshly combined (shelf life: 3 months) or the life of the battery will less than optimal. Interesting. So at least that taught me one thing… when you run out of battery, jumpstart the car and bring it to whichever shop you trust the most and get them to put in a freshly combined battery. Seems that most mechanic shops in Kuala Lumpur can mix and charge batteries so that they’re “fresh”…

Now… in the end it turned out my starter was worn out (battery is still ok)… but it was repaired finally….

Flashed D70 yesterday

Moved my ass yesterday night and finally got to flashing the firmware on my Nikon D70. For some reason I dont quite know, the D70 has two firmwares, aptly called Firmware A and B. The only problem is, you have to copy firmware A v1.01 onto a blank CF card and after flashing, you format the CF card again and then proceed to repeat the whole process to flash firmware B v1.02.
Unlike some guys at the Nikonian forum, mine went on without a hitch, but not before being REALLY careful not to mess anything up. It wont be fun if I have to leave the camera at the repair centre for weeks while they sort out what I have done.

d70 updated.jpg

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Not been updating the design on my website for some time. The new front cover uploaded yesterday is a leaf from my apartment balcony. Thought the effect was quite nice. Its a macro shot with f3.5 and with the background lighted up with the D70’s built in flash unit.
Other than that, I’ve been trying to update the design of the gallery which I’ve wanted to do for the last few months but have been slacking. The headers and footers of all the pages in there has been updated to show consistent design all thru the site. Unfortunately I’ve still not solved the problem with the permissions for the gallery that causes the albums to load with some gibberish on the header when you load it for the first time. For some reason refreshing it solves the problem. Will look more into this later on when the designs are compelted.

Trip to Manila

Got to go back to Manila after leaving that place 4 years back. Did a 3 day trip starting from this Monday. The beer there is still cheap and the food full of meat for every dish. Shopping list this time didn’t include any new gadgets. First thing I did when I arrived in Makati is to go to the supermarket and get as much dried mangoes as I can carry. Visited the sports shop over there, hoping to get some cheap t-shirt to replenish my wardrobe but there’s nothing interesting.
That was a blessing in disguise though, becuase I had some Pesos left to buy a few packs of deep fried pork skin (they call it Checarron, not sure if my spelling is correct).

So beer everynight with my old friends there, and working the next day with a headache… that’s what Manila is all about!

Shopping in Taipei

Bought a Sandisk Ultra II 512Mb CF Card in Taipei today. Cost about 3300NT$ and should be about 100US$. Thought it was a good price and a good addition for the D70.
Prices for blank DVDs are quite reasonable too… about 30-40 cents each. that’s for a no-brand DVD-R. I think DVD+R is cheaper but wasn’t really looking out for it.

Singapore for the weekend

Thanks to a seminar organized by the company, I got flights into Singapore for this weekend. Spent some time after the office matters were completed to look for Linksys Singapore to repair my wifi router (power adaptor faulty) and then lounging at Peninsula Plaza to look at the camera shops there and hoping that I’ll find the lenses that I want in one of the used camera shops around there. Continue reading “Singapore for the weekend”

Beta weblog section

I’ve been working on another beta page for the last few months but can never get the willpower to finish it.
In this page I intend to put all the stuff I own (not too much since I dont upgrade for fun regularly). I’ve got something like 20% of it but the most important one of course. D70 is up next, then my PDA and after that my lovely B&O phone. But for now, they’re at

Funny filenames and funny CF card

Another day to test out my new D70.
Noticed that the file names of the pictures are starting with “_DSCXXXX” instead of the usual “DSC_XXXX”. Googled a little and realised that its because I’m using a Adobe RGB colour profile instead of the sRGB setting on the camera. PRefer to use Adobe RGB since I dont usually print the picture out without any postprocessing in Photoshop or other graphics applications. Never trust the post processing capabilities of a camera.

Tried again to use an always faulty SanDisk 256Mb CF card on the D70. The pictures looked alright on the camera but when I take it out of the camera and use my CF card adapter to copy the pictures to the PC I always get a messed up file. It shows the right picture size but the picture always looked a little messed up, garbled actually. But it worked well when I connect the camera directly to the PC. I think I can conclude that its got to do with the pin connections on the CF and the CFcardreader. How and why I dont know yet, but got to be sure to use the D70 next time to transfer picture when using that particular card. All my other 128Mb cards are ok.