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D70 At last!!!

Finally got my hands on the Nikon D70. Called up a shop yesterday evening and they have a bunch of them in stock so I just popped over, got a whole bunch of cash and came home with something new to fool around with.
The only unfortunate thing about it is that the price has increased 5% at that shop (much more expensive elsewhere I checked) from the last month I checked, and that was when there was no stock and you had to wait a week or two for the stock.

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Linksys down…

Shucks. Don’t see any LEDs lighted up on my Linksys BEFW11S4 WLAN 4 Port Router today. Just went dead line that… *snap*…. It was working this morning, I was using it to surf on my Powerbook and in the evening its just dead!
That damn router is just 4 months old! Now I’ve got to bring it back to the shop and hopefully they’ll replace it. Distrupted my access to the internet for a while. Had to hunt for the utility to do PPPoE for my ADSL account. In the past it was done by the Router, which is never turned off. Now its off forever. Well, at least till I get my replacement model.

Another Nikon D70 review site

I find this site quite useful for another angle on the D70. At least it mentioned this problem with locked mirror, which I heard from friends with D70. Seems to be an isolated incident and its not a major problem.
No, I’ve not bought mine yet. Now I’m thinking of buying some additional lenses first before I grab the D70. Something to do ith cash flow. A 50mm f1.4 and a used 80-200mm f2.8 would be nice.

Another pending project…

While I’ve been a little slack in updating this site, I noticed that when the number of topics in the blog reduces I get some wierd layout with this site. Looks like I’ve got to find some time to modify the guts of the formatting to include tables this time so that when I dont have that many contents the right side of the page stays on the right and doesn’t flow into the left…
Got to find time… got to find time….

Nice website on all things Nikon

Was browsing the internet the other day and stumbled upon this website which has a lot of nice reviews on Nikon lenses and cameras. If you have any additional questions, you can send it directly to the author of the site and so far he has been quite prompt and helpful with his response.

Nikon D70 Prices?

I’ve been asked a few times on the price of the D70 here in Kuala Lumpur and the best place to find it. Well, I’ve not bought mine yet, waiting for something like August to get it but been keeping track of the prices somewhat regularly over the past few weeks. The cheapest I’ve found so far is around RM4100-4200 for the kit including the 17-70mm DX lens. If you think about it, the MSRP is about RM4700 so its ridiculously cheap, so cheap most dealers jus mention that its below cost. Continue reading “Nikon D70 Prices?”

Still looking…

A few weeks already and I’m still looking for the perfect replacement headunit for my car which takes in at least a RCA behind or better still something in front for me to plug in my iPod. There are something on the market but they’re either too ugly or built with a DVD player and all those stuff I dont need ($$$$). I think I’ll need more time, or else I’ll just hack my current Clarion so that the cable meant for the CD changer can be converted into an RCA with some knowledge of the cables. Continue reading “Still looking…”

Arrggghh! No more listening to iPod in my car!!!

What a day. I’ve been using my iPod in the car almost every day for the past 1 year and just yesterday the cassette deck stopped working. Its autoreversing all the time, and I know its not the adapter becuase it worked on other cars! I’ve been using the cassette to the iPod headphone jack connection method all these time. Short of a line-in connection (which I dont have on my headunit) the only other way I can think of is to use an iTrip (or similar) from Griffin Technology, but I borrowed one and the quality is not that good. Sounds just like that FM station minus the adverts. Continue reading “Arrggghh! No more listening to iPod in my car!!!”

Car batteries and dumb electronics

Had my 2 year old car stalled on me this morning. Couldn’t start it early in the morning and realised quickly the battery is a goner. Got it changed 1 hour later and guess what? Now everytime I let go of the accelerator, the RPM goes all the way down to zero. Suddenly driving a car requires skills to keep the RPM above 1000… if it drops below that, chances are the car will stall again.
At that time I was already 1 hour late for work and had to try and drive the car to my mechanic and avoiding any traffic jams along the way (encountered 2, by the way). Later on the mechanic told me that while changing the battery in the car, the terminals was not connected to any power source for too long (like 1 minute).
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